Projects and events

24/08/2017SCE-led Policy Dialogue on Bridging Gap in Economic Development and Integration of Remote Areas for Sustainable Growth in the APEC Region

07/04/2016 – Round table discussion “The role of public sector in Asia-Pacific countries` economy and foreign trade” at Russian APEC study Center

29-30/03/2016 – MSMEs in Textile and Apparel GVCs

25-26/03/2016 – The Russian-Chinese conference “Cooperation between China and Russia: The Process and Prospects” in Shanghai

17-18/11/2015 – APEC TWG Workshop “Developing ‘Smart Traveller’ Programmes to Facilitate International Travel in the APEC region”

13-15/10/2015 – APEC Regional Workshop “Capacity Building for the Reduction of Educational Gender Gaps”

21-23/09/2015 – Experts from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan discussed prospects for coherence of the EEU and the Silk Road Economic Belt

13-14/05/2015 – International expert seminars “Trade and Economic Agenda of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Eurasian Economic Union” and “Mechanisms of Trade Facilitation and Economic Development in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States”

05/06/2014 – Seminars on RTAs Negotiations and Information Sharing, China

05/11/2014 – APEC Study Centers Consortium (ASCCC), China

15/10/2014 – Workshop on Environmental Services, Malaysia

28/10/2014 – Policy Dialogue on GVCs, Malaysia

18/11/2014 – Greater Tuman Initiatives, Vladivostok

04/12/2014 – Russia-Korea Roadmap for Economic Cooperation, Korea