21.12.2017 Main outcomes of the WTO 11th Ministerial Conference

24.11.2017 Monitoring of key developments in international trade

01.09.2017 Cooperation with China: market access issues

12.09.2017 APEC Workshop on Environmental Provisions in RTAs/FTAs

25.08.2017 APEC Food Security Week

05.07.2017 EAEU and ASEAN: Opening New Horizons of Cooperation

21.05.2017 Russia`s work during APEC SOM2 and related meetings in 2017

12-13.05.2017 The results of RASC participation in APEC Study Centers Consortium

03.03.2017 APEC 1st Senior Officials Meeting in 2017

22.11.2016 The Future of Free Trade // The comments on APEC 2016 Summit Results for the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)

15-28.08.2016 APEC 3rd Senior Officials Meeting in 2016

29.08.2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership Monitoring

07.2016 APEC Bulletin on International Rules and National Regulatory Practices in Government Procurement

01.07.2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership Monitoring

11.05.2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership Monitoring

25.03.2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership Monitoring

19.11.2015 The New APEC Agenda: Inclusive and Sustainable Growth is More Important than Integration

11.11.2015 Agenda Priorities under Philippine Chairmanship

01.06.2015 Rules of origin in the negotiations on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement

01.06.2015 The System of Tariff Preferences in the EAEU requires revision

30.12.2014 Participation of Russia in Multilateral Cooperation in East Asia

01.12.2014 Trade Liberalization in China: A Response to the Challenges in the beginning of the 1990s

01.10.2014 Formation of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: prospects and consequences

01.09.2014 Prospects and contradictions in the Trans Pacific Partnership Negotiations

01.06.2014 Dispute of Russia in the WTO: possible arguments in favor of the progressivity of the recycling fee

11.05.2014 Inter-bloc Communication

01.01.2013 Аpplication of the recycling fee for wheeled vehicles by the Russian Federation