Research Project:

2018 Application of international economic policy instruments to support industrial development in Russia

2018 Non-tariff measures in agriculture and food production: the paradigm application shift in Russia

2017 Regional economic integration as the means for business interests realization

2017 APEC human development agenda: Russia’s perspective

2017 Next Generation trade and investment issues: Russia’s perspective

2017 Costs and benefits of preferential trade agreement between China and Eurasian Economic Union

2017 Mega-Regional Trade Agreements and Russia’s strategic interests

2016 Key integration initiatives in Asia-Pacific and their impact on Russian companies and foreign trade

2016 Prospects of a FTAAP formation under APEC considering the interests of Russia and the EAEU

2016 APEC Growth Strategy: systemic review of the progress achieved in 2010-2015 and analysis of future directions of strategic socio-economic planning in Asia-Pacific considering Russia’s interests in APEC

2015 Russia’s Priorities and Targets in APEC (developing of the classified indicative system of existing activities and recommendations for future cooperation).

2015 Russian Federation and ASEAN: Strategic View on Comprehensive Economic Cooperation.

2015 APEC Strategic Blueprint on Connectivity: Main Indicators and Review Methodology.

2014 Trans-Pacific Partnership and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Main Prospects and Challenges at the Regional and Global Levels.

2014 Analytical Work on Economic Cooperation between Eurasian Economic Union and Republic of Korea.

2013 Russian Federation in APEC: Further Participation Strategy.