Round table discussion “The role of public sector in Asia-Pacific countries` economy and foreign trade” at Russian APEC study Center

Круглый стол «Роль госсектора в экономике и внешней торговле стран Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона».On 7 April 2016 Russian APEC Study Center organized the round table discussion “The role of public sector in Asia-Pacific economies and foreign trade”. Topics suggested for discussion covered such issues as regulation of state-owned enterprises and government procurement, development and promotion of public-private partnerships in APR on different levels: national, regional, and multilateral.

During the first session participants highlighted the key recent tendencies and developments in public sector regulation reflected in recommendations and binding provisions of international organizations, such as APEC, OECD, WTO. Moreover, speakers pointed out the fact that nowadays specific commitments regarding SOEs activities and public procurement are becoming the essential part of regional trade agreements.

The important part of the round table discussion was devoted to the specific aspects of national regulation and analysis of case studies. In particular, experts presented the public sector regulation experience in China and Vietnam and shared their ideas about the future perspectives in this area. Furthermore, RASC researchers presented the results of the analysis, devoted to revealing current practices in government procurement regulation in APEC economies.

At last, roundtable participants gave special attention to the Russian initiative on building cooperation in improving competitive environment on national government procurement markets. It implies the exchange of information, sharing best practices and experience in different aspects of procurement regulation from development of e-procurement and legislature improvements to the organization of special supervising mechanisms in national systems. In this respect, two Russian projects connected with the realization of the initiative, which have been already presented in APEC are of vital importance. The project of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and Association of Electronic Trading Platforms deals with the creation of e-platform for consolidation and analysis of procurement information in APEC region (APEC e-Platform for Procurement Information and Analysis). The second project, which was worked out by Russian public organization “OPORA ROSSII” is aimed at the expansion of small and medium sized enterprises participation in government procurement and purchases of big corporations (Inclusive growth through greater involvement of SMEs into B2B and B2G markets).


Round table materials

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